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Based on his manifesto New Nordic Ornament, Mikkel Nielsen’s enchanting sculpture ‘Soft Structures’ captures the essence of Nordic nature, muted white and greys while projecting and absorbing its surrounding light. Staged as a portal or spacious frame, Soft Structures quickly became a centrepiece of the refurbished Designmuseum Denmark, adorning newspaper front pages and reviews from leading Danish media and becoming THE selfie spot for visitors of all ages.

Now, Soft Structures is searching for a new home to spread its wings, as it is part of the museum’s first temporary exhibition ending June 1st 2023. The sculpture is an exciting find for modern museums, companies, or organisations who want to present high-quality, contemporary art and design to their visitors, offering everyone a daily ray of beauty, light, and immersion.

"I want to change the way we experience the world around us - more beauty to each individual, each and every day...

Mikkel NielsenCopenhagen, January 2023


Mikkel Nielsen

Graduated from the Danish School of Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts, working as an architect since 2012. For the last three years, he has explored crafts and design, where, via Studio Mikkel Nielsen, he has created a unique, digital style realised through new technology and with a great aesthetic and sustainable potential.

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