Business innovation: From scratch, during four years casting the publishing company Bjooks, including its brand strategy, brand management, business development, PR & marketing, copywriting, distribution and sales, and business partnerships, in collaboration with the author. Creatively finding the marketplace – music instrument stores – for the releases. Providing essential brand assets like book titles and subtitles as well as directing three Kickstarter campaigns and their videoes, making the company and its brands known worldwide. Building and managing a sales network of +100 resellers on five continents and distribution hubs in Germany, the UK, and the US, serving all B2B and B2C sales. Exposing the company’s brands by participation in expos and events like NAMM Show, US, SuperBooth, DE, Ableton Loop, DE, Amsterdam Dance Event, NL, Moog Fest, US, Dimensions and Outlook Festival, Croatia.